Meet Dr. Vince Hassel

A doctor on a mission to change your life. Dr. Hassel is a board-certified chiropractic physician in full time practice since 1997. His wellness center has been serving the central Iowa area for over 25 years, offering patients all natural Doctor Supervised Weight Loss programs, lifestyle modification, science based nutrition, and pain relief. Dr. Hassel’s leadership skills are unmatched in seeing our clients have long term life change. He is personally involved daily with text messages to each individual on our transformation programs. His mission is “To teach, inspire, and help others achieve a life of optimal health and wellness by all natural and organic means.

Meet Stephanie

She has an AMAZING success story of her own. She has walked the walk so she can talk the talk. Talk about someone who brings it and has a mission to make your experience magical. It’s this incredible, beautiful human!

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